Your Support System Is Here if Your Healthcare Provider Prescribes AURYXIA for You

When your health comes first, everybody succeeds.

When it comes to your treatment for hyperphosphatemia in chronic kidney disease (CKD) while on dialysis, you come first. That’s why it’s important to talk to your healthcare team and be involved in the discussion about your treatment with AURYXIA.

When you work in partnership with your healthcare team, you have more involvement with your treatment and your healthcare goals.


It’s Important to Know the People Who Are on Your Side and Understand How They Can Help

Your Nephrologist

Makes key treatment decisions and gives you guidance about your hyperphosphatemia treatment. Prescribes AURYXIA when they determine it’s an appropriate treatment option for you, and adjusts your dosage as needed.

Your Dietitian (DYE‑uh‑TISH‑un)

Teaches you about a healthy, low-phosphorous diet so you can meet your health-related nutritional needs. Guides you on what foods to eat while taking AURYXIA.

Your Nurse

Helps your healthcare provider keep track of your labs and guides your treatment plan. Monitors your labs when you are prescribed AURYXIA.

Your Social Worker

Organizes financial support services to make paying for your treatment easier. Helps you with reimbursement and affordability when prescribed AURYXIA.

Your Support Network

Whether it’s family or friends, your support group offers emotional encouragement. Helps keep you on track while taking AURYXIA to help manage your hyperphosphatemia.

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