AURYXIA Helps You Take Control of Your High Phosphorus Levels

AURYXIA (ah-RICKS-ee-ah) can help you achieve your phosphorus goals. AURYXIA is an iron-based phosphate binder tablet that doesn’t require chewing.

In a clinical study, AURYXIA helped people lower their phosphorus levels toward the normal range. This reduction was maintained for over a year of treatment (56 weeks). Talk with your healthcare team about how you can take control of your phosphorus levels.

Taking AURYXIA as
Prescribed Can Help
Smack Down Your

Swallowed whole
with meals

When you take AURYXIA with meals, as directed, it helps lower the amount of phosphorus in your blood, which comes from the foods you eat.

Breaks apart

When taken with meals, AURYXIA enters your gut and the tablet breaks apart. Once it’s dissolved, the tablet releases iron.

Binds to phosphorus

In your stomach, iron binds (attaches) to the phosphorus that was in your food.

Removes phosphorus

The bound iron then carries that phosphorus to your colon, where it is removed through a bowel movement.
Not an actual patient.

While AURYXIA Works to Lower Your Phosphorus Levels, Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Your healthcare provider will check your iron levels through blood tests before you begin taking AURYXIA and regularly while you are taking AURYXIA
  • If you are receiving intravenous (IV) iron, your IV iron dose may be adjusted or discontinued by your healthcare provider
  • Do not take AURYXIA if you have been diagnosed with an iron overload syndrome, such as hemochromatosis
  • Keep AURYXIA away from children. Fatal poisoning may happen if ingested. Call a poison control center or your healthcare provider if a child swallows AURYXIA
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